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As I try to rush to get my day started, my train of thought has trailed off; I keep putting off posting to my journal blog because it takes time, even if it’s the smallest thing, and of course the technical difficulties that often arise when you’re trying to accomplish the simplest, shortest post…

One good thing that came out of being sick with a cold and other things that cropped up, for a little over a month–I still can’t get over that–I’ve never been sick that long. But as I was popping cough drops (Halls Honey Lemon), it wasn’t until a few days in, that I started to notice, at first, the words, “A PEP TALK IN EVERY DROP,” and then the following days, as I unwrapped the drops more carefully, I saw that there were little sayings on each wrapper. It doesn’t say anything on the packaging about this, so one wouldn’t open the wrapper looking for these little saying and when you’re sick, you’re not exactly taking the time to inspect the cough drops. 

I thought this was great and it brought a smile to my face. I wonder how many people miss out on these little uplifting words. 

Most of my free time has been spent on reading school material. This has been a busy quarter, busier than most. I’m enjoying both of my classes very much. Going to my Wednesday night class is actually something I look forward to. Usually, I would prefer an online class when available, but in this case that wasn’t an option. My work days are longer and I have to work partial Saturdays since we’re at the height of busy season; and I don’t mind that either. 

The other day, I was surprised that when I got home after a long day, I had just enough time–to eat a quick dinner–and head into study mode to complete work on a paper that was due by midnight. I submitted it with five minutes to spare. I was surprised that I actually finished the paper. I had been working on it in bite sizes throughout the week and here I was needed to get to the minimum page count, somewhat exhausted, trying to pull it all together. I didn’t have time to give it a good once over, but I think it was good enough.

I haven’t been cooking much at all, being careful to make the best use of my time, picking up healthy dinners on those nights. Last night, hubby and I agreed to take care of ourselves for dinner because of timing. I didn’t feel like picking something up to take home, so I was thinking about what little I knew there was in the refrigerator, and started to crave an omelet. Now, this is somewhat peculiar because I don’t even like omelets! I never order them out, and as much as I love eggs, it’s just not something I normally eat. I do like egg scrambles, though I don’t like them with cheese, but I love cheese, so I see that I’m one of those people that don’t like certain food items mixed together.

So, I head home from a long day, knowing that I will continue for a few focused hours on Saturday, which is here–Hello Saturday! I get right to work in the kitchen, cooking myself dinner, not worrying about how long it’s going to take me, but going at a nice slow to medium pace. I have a couple of potatoes that never made it into a chicken soup that I made, so I get those peeled and chopped. I also chop a handful of onions. I get the pan going with oil–as it turns out, I may have added a tad too much oil, but the potatoes tasted great when they were done. 

I had a zucchini that I didn’t want to go to waste, so I sliced that. I was going to add it to the potatoes, then I thought better not too. I may have ended up with a not so nice combination of textures. I heated up another pan, added olive oil instead of canola oil this time. I sautéed those little buggers. I washed and sliced up the mushrooms, sautéed them in the zucchini pan, took out a piece of Monterey Jack Cheese and shaved off a small amount. I then pulled another pan for the omelet…by the time I went through all of this, using more pans than I had intended and taking more time than I thought, my craving for a mushroom omelet with toast on the side, turned into a bigger production than I had planned. 

I had my iTunes radio playing on the Merengue station, so I was dancing and cooking. It was a nice way to end the day. When I looked at the clock, it was close to 9:30 p.m. I never eat dinner that late. Luckily I had an apple before I left work, and I nibbled on the zucchini when they were done cooking and tested the potatoes twice.  


Yesterday before I left the house, I looked all around, up at the sky, and the trees–it was a gorgeous day already, mild and bright with sunshine. I heard a little bird. I looked up and around for it and there it was perched on the wire. It was a cute little yellow guy. I don’t know it’s true name. I took a few photos while he stayed there, then he flew away. That was how my day began and it was wonderful. It filled me with such a warm feeling. I love those little beauties. And lately it’s been nice hearing the morning doves’s cooing when I’m going through my morning ritual.