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I drive by the pool
under the night sky;
steam rises, lights are bright;
aqua blue waters illuminate–
swimming in the rain.

whirring fan spins above
one last sip of tea–
the day has begun,
yet it begins again

The morning began with a grey canvas, a hushed tone–
inviting color. As the day progressed, the clouds unrolled to reveal patches of blue. The grey clouds became white.

This afternoon the sky has opened, fluffy clouds amble by. I hear a squirrel running this way. I look up. He stops. He’s searching for treats, rustling through the leaves. And then I hear another. After some time passes, I continue walking. Dragonflies whizz by. I stop, standing still enough to see them hover. They zoom on by. I continue walking.


grey sky
a blank canvas
swirled in a splash–
green trees


grey sky–
a blank canvas
waits for you


grey sky
nature’s canvas–
look! do you see!?