Archives for the month of: April, 2015

Rain slaps down on the hoods of cars, while short Palm trees, in their brick enclosures, swing around–as though they are taking in a good scream from the wind. Other more delicate plants flail in their pots. I look out the window. 

Japanese lanterns spin around less violently, enclosed by the outside overhang, bringing my attention to those lanterns adorned with images of Japanese women in traditional Japanese robes; the other lanterns covered in flowers, black and red orchids. 

I look down at my bento box lunch, thinking how neat and tidy and lovely to have so many compartments, organized in such a way as to make the contents each have their own place–each component adding to the beauty of the whole.

 April 15th keeps getting closer. My days at work are the opposite of the regular days outside of busy season and the days are very different than any other season. I keep looking at the clock, wondering how I can move the hands back and buy more time. I try to keep ahead and there is no catching up. In some ways I’ll be glad when the 15th arrives, yet I like the busyness–to a point of course–not too much so that a person becomes overwhelmed and stressed, but just the right amount. I take my lunches, knowing that if I stay at my desk, that won’t do me any good. I need to go outside, inhale the fresh air and sun, listen to the birds chirp and follow them as they flit from bush to bush–they keep me centered, they bring smiles to my face, reenergize my being.

Classes are moving right along. I love my philosophy class and my English class is good too. I’m always all over the place in where my interests take me, curiosity and passion for learning new things, re-learning, exploring ideas…just the whole process of learning…my philosophy class, philosophy of religion, such an interesting topic–the class is making me want to get a bachelor’s degree in it, but it doesn’t make financial sense; and I can enroll in one of those free courses or continue my studies by listening to podcasts and YouTube videos, but it’s not the same. I like going to class, but there are so many reasons that it doesn’t make sense. Anyway, this is just me talking out loud and to the page. It’s the same cycle that I often find myself in. But, I wouldn’t have it any way, or maybe I’d make a few changes, but for now, it’s part of my process.