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Dragonfly sails by,
hints of ocean blue–
he sails away, sun beats down,
leaves me with the image of
steady, beating wings, and an ocean
of possibilities.

It’s nice to walk the same path and find little hidden treasures–little hugs from the Universe, available to anyone that takes a closer look.

The *smile* made my day! 🙂

Lucy’s back at the Dollar Tree in search of more puzzles. She has as many suitable 24 piece puzzles as she can find. In line behind her, a mother and her three young daughters of varying ages are filled with spunk and curiosity.

The mother starts to put her items on the conveyer belt as she says to her daughters, “Looks like someone’s having a birthday party!”

Lucy keeps her eyes fixed ahead, thinking to herself that if the mother engaged her in conversation about the puzzles, she would lie and say, yes, that’s right…a birthday party.