Archives for the month of: March, 2016

Walking down the street, I take notice of the same sorts of things each day, but on some days little things pop out at me, depending on the moment, the time of day, the mood, the weather.


Walking down the street, I take notice–
I like the way the rocks look when rain drizzles down,
painting them with drops
that make their inner beauty
come out in splashes of color.

Tuesday the wind carried so many smells on its wings. Sweet pancakes off the griddle. Pizza. Cucumber.

In the morning, I walked the path of a woman that I did not see; her perfume lingered in the path I walked. Musk and deep woodsy notes…mind went in many directions and contemplated the many layers that go into the creation of a fragrance: An art and science.

Later that day, same level of the parking garage, where I smelled the perfume in the morning, blueberries or fruit punch…I wasn’t right outside of restaurants during any of these occasions…the aromas carried in the wind stronger than usual. Each was a delight and made me pause.

Every bird out this morning. Blue birds. Chickadees. Robins. All singing their chorus, flitting from tree to tree. Somehow it reminded me of recess in kindergarten, carefree, happy. Running around, playing, smiling, greeting the day. The birds remind me that the sweet song is still within.