Archives for the month of: February, 2016

Friday night hubby and I took an outing to the grocery store. We realized that we had a few things that we needed, and we had just had a dinner that weighed me down, so I suggested we treat our outing as a walk–a walk through the store, since we’ve both been very unmotivated when it comes to exercise, even walking. And we were in for a cozy evening; may as well get a little activity into the mix.

Upon exciting the store, my treat for our practical excursion was the beauty of the moon as it was just about to the brim of fullness. The tree branches held her face, the clouds and leaves a lacy veil, as the moon peered through the layers. She was magnificent. I held the iPhone steady, trying to capture her beauty, until I did.

As much as I enjoy longer days, it’s nice to be caught at nightfall, carried along by the dazzling lights around city trees, peering into storefront windows that reveal a completely different mood. I like how night can bring something out into the open, like a curtain that is pulled back, offering a glimpse that feels like magic, as the lights mingle with the unusually soft night air.

Spring teases;
birds sing in the mornings as if in celebration of what is to come,
Sun shines bright;
night skies–clear and crisp.
Stars sparkle against a pristine black canvas.
A flutter of butterflies circle in my core–
Spring is near.


Photo taking during one of my walks.