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Moon child that I am, I hadn’t planned on watching the lunar eclipse last night. Hubby mentioned that we should go to the reservoir and try to see it; although, they have a curfew for entering when it gets dark. Then he said, let’s just stay home. Then I said, no, let’s go, let’s give it a shot. So, we were on our way to the reservoir to scope things out. I mentioned that maybe we should go the back way and try the hill. It was a high area. Instead we headed to our original destination, all the while hubby is declaring that we should go further and that we probably we’re going to be able to see it. We were getting the lunar and solar eclipse mixed up. We only needed to see the moon. There were a few clouds hovering. We also weren’t yet sure which direction the moon was going to rise. We sort of tried to look up bits and pieces of information on our trusty iPhones, but just plodded along. It was an adventure–in search of the moon that would promise to dazzle us with it’s reddish-orange hue and large round body. Apparently it was also a super moon night!

When we arrived at the reservoir, we asked a few people that we saw and thought were up to the same thing, if they thought we could see the lunar eclipse from here. A couple said that perhaps not. They pointed in the direction that it would rise, where there were lovely pine trees blocking the way. We mentioned the hill to them and how that’s where we were headed. Off we went.

There were a lot more cars parked there from when we passed by earlier. We took our spot in the line-up. As we walked a bit up the hill and found a spot and made ourselves comfortable, we caught sight of a patch of clouds illuminated with the soft pinkish-red of dusk.

Now we would wait with the many other moon-gazers. We waited for a while, but it was nice to sit there looking out, looking up, waiting for the moon to make its appearance, to rise above the clouds, and up over beautiful Mt. Diablo. I soaked in the night air, the rustling of the wheat grass. I felt my bottom planted firmly upon the earth below me. I watched as night settled in and the stars came out, and then we saw the very top of the moon beginning to show itself, as though stepping out of its robe, baring itself, rising up to reveal it’s light, reflected from the alignment of its self, the earth, and the sun.

It was nice to be amongst others that were enchanted, curious, moon-gazers. When we got home, there was the moon in full sight, as if it were above our abode. I turned to hubby and said, “we didn’t even have to leave the house.”

But, I’m glad we did.

(photo taken with iPhone)

A short lunch break,
notebook turned to Geology notes.
First exam on Tuesday.
The waterfall from the fountain,
brings me away. It flows down and out. The sound of water–so very healing.
Ice tea and chocolate souffle with a carmel surprise.
Needed something sweet.
The day–
Sweet and flowing.

This morning the calm blue sky complimented how I felt driving down the road, as I admired the trees and caught two crows dashing back and forth, I greeted this Moday with a happy hello. 

A bouquet of thoughts swirls around in my head. I’m taking a break from my Geology homework to come to the page.

I feel like I’ve had a few synchronistic moments that have led me back on a path. It’s funny how sometimes, when we knew something was available to us when we were looking for something else entirely, we forget it when we’re not looking for what we need. In this case, I’m referring simply to pursuing other online community college options to complete classes that were not offered locally or that were only offered during certain terms.

This nudge came in the form of a person who had just completed taking several accounting courses online through various community colleges. His goal is to obtain his CPA, while my goal is simply to re-take a college accounting 1 course to refresh the foundation material and take it from there. The good news is the college is on the quarter system. I wasn’t planning on taking two courses this term. I’m looking forward to the class. It begins on Monday. I’ve already received the group email from the instructor and I love his attitude. He seems upbeat, organized, encouraging. I’m also looking forward to brushing up on the material and getting a good grip on the fundamentals.

Yesterday while I was growing through the spiritual section in Barnes & Noble, I came across a book called, Angel Words by Doreen Virtue and Grant Virtue. I flipped through the small book and saw images of sound clips comparing positive and negative words. I felt inspired. It also brought me to Friday at work. In short, as my promoted co-worker, now boss, said to me when I was going into worry mode, “You usually see the glass half-full. Why aren’t you seeing it now!?” I think I paused and maybe I said that I just wanted to make sure it wasn’t too much of a crunch. We moved on to review the work we had left to do before our final deadline on October 15. I looked up from my page and said, “Ok, how about this, in the interest of a glass-half full, I think we can get three out the door next week. How’s that?”

“There, that’s better, he said. I think we can do that.”

A sigh of relief.

So when I saw the Angel Words book, it resonated with me and made me want to focus on the positive and to see the positive all the way through in as many areas of my life as possible. I feel so much better when I’m upbeat and optimistic, and besides my tendency to worry, I am pretty much an upbeat person.

I didn’t buy the book, but I did take something from it. It’s always nice to have reminders to set us back on the right track.

*The title of this journal came from a typo: going for growing. Not sure why I didn’t say browsing. I thought it was fitting to keep it as is…

Horns boom, trumpets tune,
chattering voices fill the air, while drumsticks tap,
pom poms swish, a
the last days of summer,
highlighted by a twilight parade.

Today is not actually a lazy day. Over the weekend, and even last week for a work break, I found myself buying books. I had been good for a while, mostly checking them out from the library, but it’s just difficult saying no to myself. I always buy with a bit of guilt. And then, I ask myself what’s wrong with me, when after the books come home with me, the initial excitement turns into something else. It becomes a sense of comfort that I now have this “book friend” that I’ve made a bond with and it will be there. I can glance over and read some of the pages in my imagination, and when I’m ready to engage in a lengthy conversation, then I’ll open the pages, sit a while, have a cup of tea.

I love how different pursuits, whether intentional or not, bring us to other perspectives or re-surface old curiosities, even if briefly or tentatively. My geology course brought me to a bargain book in Barnes & Noble: Healing Crystals and Gemstones, but also when I was in the metaphysical store, I overheard a woman asking for a stone to ward off bad energy and the person helping her was asking why she was exposing herself to this bad energy. It was a family thing, so she needed some help from a crystal that would aid her.

I also bought a writing prompt book, simply titled 300 Writing Prompts. I could write directly in the book. But today, I held the prompt in my mind when I set down to quickly jot something down, but got sidetracked, which is why I knew this would be a true morning page. The prompt is: What is your favorite way to spend a lazy day?

Knowing that I am running out of time, I’m trying to think of a quick answer. I think my ideal lazy days have changed, but not that much. I used to love spending my lazy days reading for hours. But lately, my reading ways have changed, mostly because the last time I allowed myself to read for a few hours straight, a book that I was thoroughly loving and speeding right through, taking in every word: The Fountain Head–-after I came up for air; it was morning time–I got a terrible migraine. I was so entranced in the story that I didn’t eat in time and my head was laid back on the pillow for too long. Anyway, since then, I have been timid about how long I spend reading, also because my eyes have been acting up. So, now I suppose my favorite way to spend a lazy day is to take it slow, reading little bits and pieces, writing, taking a car ride with hubby to somewhere. A lazy day is not cooking and doing everything at my own pace without rushing.

It was a late night. I walked to the parking garage in a bit of a fog. Parked on the rooftop, I opted for the elevators rather than the stairs. There were four people waiting together, talking and laughing. I took notice of the woman: petite, white wavy hair to her shoulders. I noticed her shoes first, then her outfit. She had to have been in her seventies, but she seemed like a young woman, in how she stood, in her stylish strapped sandals with a small heel, but everything about her was elegant in an understated way.

We all entered the elevator, two men, the woman and her husband. She had a smile on her face–it never left. She glowed with happiness. They were all laughing about whatever they had been talking about. In my fog, I didn’t hear anything but the happiness.

She turned to me as if to tell me a secret and motioned with her eyes, “They just got married.”

“Ah,” I said. I was lost for words, but I managed to smile and hold her gaze for a moment.

We reached their floor and said our goodnights. The doors were about to close, the woman ten to twelve feet away by now, turned to me, gave a big smile and the sweetest wave goodbye like a little girl waving to her school friend. I waved back, smiling to her as the doors closed.

Impulsive, explosive, fearless–
but, take heed; otherwise, you
will go too far down that lane.
Bursts of emotional fire will escape
before you can ring them back.

Find the balance.


I’ve been using the App: TimePassages. I was initially looking for a moon phase App, which I found: Luna Solaria. And when I saw that it included which sign the moon was in, it made me want to find an App that also provided a bit of interpretation and that’s how I came across TimePassages. It’s a great App and does so much more; for now I’m just sticking to the moon. I’ve been contemplating downloading the full version to have access to charts and transits. I have a program for my PC, but it’s on my main PC, which has become a bookshelf and dust collector, and the monitor is stored in the closet.

The moon only spends two days in each sign. I missed jotting about Pisces.

Yesterday, even after I read about the energy of the moon in Aries, I had one of those bursts…luckily, I managed to find my balance for the rest of the day.