As I try to rush to get my day started, my train of thought has trailed off; I keep putting off posting to my journal blog because it takes time, even if it’s the smallest thing, and of course the technical difficulties that often arise when you’re trying to accomplish the simplest, shortest post…

One good thing that came out of being sick with a cold and other things that cropped up, for a little over a month–I still can’t get over that–I’ve never been sick that long. But as I was popping cough drops (Halls Honey Lemon), it wasn’t until a few days in, that I started to notice, at first, the words, “A PEP TALK IN EVERY DROP,” and then the following days, as I unwrapped the drops more carefully, I saw that there were little sayings on each wrapper. It doesn’t say anything on the packaging about this, so one wouldn’t open the wrapper looking for these little saying and when you’re sick, you’re not exactly taking the time to inspect the cough drops. 

I thought this was great and it brought a smile to my face. I wonder how many people miss out on these little uplifting words.