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I sat in the grass,

felt the warmth 

on my toes, when

an Angel presented

me with a porcelain

figurine–an image of herself.

She held her hand out, and said,

“Come, go. You are free.”


When I finished writing this one, I felt that it was a gift, a small little gift from the Universe. It made me feel calm and at peace; and even now, as I type it out, and listen to the words, I am filled with that same sense of peace that I felt when I reached the last word.

I’ve been doing some decluttering. It’s never easy to let go of things, and I always think that I’m going to get rid of more than I actually do. I talked hubby into allowing me to bring one more shelf into the house and to buy one short cube shelf for the closet because I’ve just run out of space for all the clothes that I’ve accumulated, mostly pants and cute tops that I’ve found at the second hand stores. Everything is started to look a lot neater. There was a bag that has been laying around, stuffed with pages out of calendars that I wanted to save because they had great quotes or good books. I finally sorted through that bag, mostly old receipts that I don’t need and other pieces of paper that needed to go.

It’s amazing how much stuff we actually accumulate in our lifetimes. I don’t want to be a hoarder; I don’t want to collect things that I forget about and lock away in boxes that I only open every now and then.

I keep trying to consolidate and let go of more books that are packed away in the garage. I did let go of some. I donated a box of children books and a few other books and some other miscellaneous items. I had hubby bring three boxes inside, so that I could go through them and hopefully detach from some of the things inside and possibly donate some. I came across my tin of words from the magnetic poetry kits that I bought some time ago. We used to keep all the words–or almost all of them on the refrigerator and we’d take turns making up silly sentences or endearing ones too. When we moved, I took them all down and put them in their tin box, leaving them stored away in yet another box in the garage.

I took the tin out and randomly chose a few words, tried to string them together. I decided that maybe I would do this every day and write down what I came up with. The first day, I stuck to the words that I picked; the second day, I added some prepositions; the third day, I did the same as the second, but didn’t feel that I needed to use all the words, especially since many of them would’t have been useful in that instance; on the fourth day, I felt like I was loosening up and added to the words because the words I chose, created an image in my mind and the result made me smile inside because it was silly.

It’s been fun and zen-like, my morning meditation. I haven’t yet selected my words for this morning, but I think I will when I’m done writing.

Only night must question truth.

This made me start thinking about nighttime and darkness and how we often find truth within the dark moments in life, how the dark illuminates and becomes light.

born under the
weight of the velvet

The present lingers on
like the warmest day.

“Remember,” said the feline,
“the remedy is to recover.”
I swallowed curiosity and
spit it back out.