Moon child that I am, I hadn’t planned on watching the lunar eclipse last night. Hubby mentioned that we should go to the reservoir and try to see it; although, they have a curfew for entering when it gets dark. Then he said, let’s just stay home. Then I said, no, let’s go, let’s give it a shot. So, we were on our way to the reservoir to scope things out. I mentioned that maybe we should go the back way and try the hill. It was a high area. Instead we headed to our original destination, all the while hubby is declaring that we should go further and that we probably we’re going to be able to see it. We were getting the lunar and solar eclipse mixed up. We only needed to see the moon. There were a few clouds hovering. We also weren’t yet sure which direction the moon was going to rise. We sort of tried to look up bits and pieces of information on our trusty iPhones, but just plodded along. It was an adventure–in search of the moon that would promise to dazzle us with it’s reddish-orange hue and large round body. Apparently it was also a super moon night!

When we arrived at the reservoir, we asked a few people that we saw and thought were up to the same thing, if they thought we could see the lunar eclipse from here. A couple said that perhaps not. They pointed in the direction that it would rise, where there were lovely pine trees blocking the way. We mentioned the hill to them and how that’s where we were headed. Off we went.

There were a lot more cars parked there from when we passed by earlier. We took our spot in the line-up. As we walked a bit up the hill and found a spot and made ourselves comfortable, we caught sight of a patch of clouds illuminated with the soft pinkish-red of dusk.

Now we would wait with the many other moon-gazers. We waited for a while, but it was nice to sit there looking out, looking up, waiting for the moon to make its appearance, to rise above the clouds, and up over beautiful Mt. Diablo. I soaked in the night air, the rustling of the wheat grass. I felt my bottom planted firmly upon the earth below me. I watched as night settled in and the stars came out, and then we saw the very top of the moon beginning to show itself, as though stepping out of its robe, baring itself, rising up to reveal it’s light, reflected from the alignment of its self, the earth, and the sun.

It was nice to be amongst others that were enchanted, curious, moon-gazers. When we got home, there was the moon in full sight, as if it were above our abode. I turned to hubby and said, “we didn’t even have to leave the house.”

But, I’m glad we did.

(photo taken with iPhone)