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Today the body feels like it’s bein pulled down. Energy is low. I breathe in and out deeply–soaking in the bright spots of flowers and blue sky, reaching for the wind to pull me up, to soar high above the tree tops with the chirpers and blackbirds. 



Today is a day
that marks endings,
and beginnings–
of life pulsing its way through
and of life exiting with a swift burst.

Today is a quiet day,
and also a day to be grateful.

Today will always have a quiet sadness,
and a quiet happiness.

Today will always be a mystery for the
significance of the endings and beginnings
that it marks.

Yesterday turned out to be a pleasant day. When I got to work, the boss hadn’t gotten to the stack of files for me to process. In the past I would have immediately felt the stress stream through my body. I know he’s busy trying to wrap up loose ends, so instead I turned to the work I did have to do and then went into his office, sensing that he was feeling slightly stressed and asked if I could help with anything. He handed me a few things to file and another to process. Sometimes, just offering a small lending hand in a stressful situation, can create a sense of ease.

I was also reminded by my instructor in my ECE (Early Childhood Education) class that when she finally let go during her years working in childcare–now she works more as an advocate and is not working directly with children–she stopped getting headaches, she stopped being so stressed out. I related.

I think it has been good for me to explore ECE this semester, during tax season, for many reasons. It’s acting as a balancer throughout my days at work. There are only a few more weeks until class ends and I’m still trying to decide if I will continue taking ECE classes. Summer session is very condensed and is two days per week for four hours each night. I’m still not sure of my direction, but I know and trust that my path will become clear as I keep putting one foot in front of the other; I suppose this is another one of my mantras, since I keep encouraging myself along with those words.

So, it was a good day; and while I was walking back to work from the park, after enjoying another lunch hour there, I saw a single yellow butterfly. I followed her flit back and forth; I realized I haven’t seen that many butterflies lately. It was a nice treat to end the lunch hour and brought just a little bit more lightness to my step. I made it to class and it was a good one. We got into groups and went through a brainstorming exercise for developing curriculum. And at work, we are beginning to see the light at the end of the tax tunnel.

Right now I feel still. I can hear the cars rolling along, as I enjoy my last cup of coffee, which reminds me of a quote I saw in a coffee shop, a variation and suitable to the moment: “Take life one cup at a time.”

And with that, I drink my last cup of coffee for the moment, and greet the day with open arms, ready to follow where it leads.

Happy Day and Happy Writing and Creating!