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Browsing through the books at the thrift store, I overhead an elderly couple while they were looking at knick-knacks. “How cute, look at this,” she said, excitement in her voice. I turned from the books to look at a nearby table that held various items. I stole a look to see what the woman had found. “I’m going to get these.”

“What are they?,” her elderly companion asked. He peered down through his thick square glasses. “Why, there salt and pepper shakers. How much are these?” She turned one shaker, then tilted it upside down to find the price. She gave a laugh, “Only 99 cents!”

I saw that these salt and pepper shakers were small. One was light blue and the other a rosy pink. I couldn’t tell what the shapes were, but I thought I heard the woman say Casper the Ghost. I continued looking through a little basket of cards and my eyes spotted a package of blank note cards. Four plump angel babies against a backdrop of sky with wispy clouds. One angel is drinking from what looks to be a golden horn, while the others fly through the air with great joy on their fleshy faces.

The face of the notecard also has six lovely sayings about angels. I felt uplifted at reading each one.

I was ready to checkout with two books and the angel notecards. Then I saw a pair of pants and while I was looking at them, I heard the woman say to her companion “Oh! Look at this!”

“Try it on.” Her companion was supportive and kind, his voice on the low end compared to her exuberance.

She held the blouse up to her body and looked down. “This is too gaudy.”

“Oh, it’s just fine. It would look nice on you.”

She begins noticing other little things and I am touched by her joy–humbled and inspired by this woman who could be in her late seventies to early eighties. I am drawn in to her energy and I can’t help but smile. Her joy reaches me and fills me, and I realize I feel as though I am looking in a mirror; I am seeing my life flash before me.

When I get home, later that evening, I tell my significant other about my experience. I tell him that it was just like watching myself and that her companion was like him in that he was there by her side–then I hesitate and say, “Well, he may have been a bit more supportive.” And we both laugh because we know…because sometimes I notice things too much and vocalize my excitement and it can tend to overload him.

Older folks hold a special place in my heart and this moment was a gift to me and lighted my day just as the angel cards did.

“Angels are bright lights in the midst of our lives.

Nothing is hidden and everything is seen by angels.

Angels can fly because they take themselves lightly.

Music is well said to be the speech of angels.

Angels shine their light on us so that we may see more clearly.

Beautiful visions for the world are dreamt by angels.”

I write with my heart,
but the pieces are scattered,
stuck in the pages of another time,
sealed in a book somewhere,
dripping out in small drops of rain.

(March 11, 2013)


When I walked by this tree, I saw a little face in his trunk. The first time I noticed it, I smiled wide. I had my camera with me, but didn’t feel that I had time to stop. “Next time”, I said to myself. I walked by that face a few times before I finally snapped a photo. It’s nice to know that the very simplest things can bring a smile to my face and even induce laughter at the thought of it and what reaches me and when. I love when life surprises and provides these little gifts. This here is a photo of that tree that tickled my being into laughter.