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I’ve had many journal posts in my head this morning. I try to motivate myself by beginning with the photo that I know I want to use. So I did that, but this is not the post. I knew that I wanted to post to my blog journal this morning because too much time has gone by. Then little things came up that distracted me or needed my attention and before I know it, it’s time to get ready. But writing is one of my priorities, it’s something that gives me joy and relaxes me. I’ve made the choice to run late, so that I can exercise this muscle that I don’t want to wither away. (And now that I’ve chopped my hair off again into a pixie, I should be able to leave on time).

This particular post actually started with how my morning was going and the daily horoscopes that my co-worker/boss shared with me yesterday. he likes to read his daily; I actually don’t like reading the dailies, but since he handed me the page he had torn out to share his horoscope for the day, which he approved of, I decided to also peek at mine. It said something along the lines of letting the day unfold as it will and going with the flow.

I must say I needed those words. They stayed with me for the rest of the day and when I found myself at the doctor’s office for a check-up after work, I heeded those words as I wound my way up the parking garage to a completely full garage, trudging slowly behind other cars made the experience drawn out–and I still had to attempt to make it to my appointment on time. I circled my way out of the garage to the next garage. I guess Monday’s are not good days to make appointments. Full. Time was ticking and I was about to give up, but I kept that mantra in my head, go with it, things will work out. I took the parking garage as a reminder to breathe, to stay calm, to be in the moment. After circling the block, I found metered parking for two hours. I made it to my appointment. My doctor ordered some lab work and an x-ray just to be on the safe side. In short, the mantra came into play again. I was sitting there, looking at my watch, getting close to the 2-hour mark. Was I going to get a ticket? Should I ask them how much longer. No, just stay calm. Go with it. It will work out. So that’s what I did. I continued to be in the moment as best I could and let go.

It did all work out. I had just enough time to walk back to the meter at a slow pace taking in the sounds of the evening and viewing the nearly night sky.

I was thankful for the horoscope day. I needed that reminder.


I snap many photos and wanted to include one with this post that captured the lightness of the words within the horoscope. I found this one that I had actually taken when I was feeling well and there wasn’t much to eat in the kitchen, except a can of creamy chicken soup. I thought it was a cute smiley face; and it puts a smile on my face just looking back at it.



A bouquet of thoughts swirls around in my head. I’m taking a break from my Geology homework to come to the page.

I feel like I’ve had a few synchronistic moments that have led me back on a path. It’s funny how sometimes, when we knew something was available to us when we were looking for something else entirely, we forget it when we’re not looking for what we need. In this case, I’m referring simply to pursuing other online community college options to complete classes that were not offered locally or that were only offered during certain terms.

This nudge came in the form of a person who had just completed taking several accounting courses online through various community colleges. His goal is to obtain his CPA, while my goal is simply to re-take a college accounting 1 course to refresh the foundation material and take it from there. The good news is the college is on the quarter system. I wasn’t planning on taking two courses this term. I’m looking forward to the class. It begins on Monday. I’ve already received the group email from the instructor and I love his attitude. He seems upbeat, organized, encouraging. I’m also looking forward to brushing up on the material and getting a good grip on the fundamentals.

Yesterday while I was growing through the spiritual section in Barnes & Noble, I came across a book called, Angel Words by Doreen Virtue and Grant Virtue. I flipped through the small book and saw images of sound clips comparing positive and negative words. I felt inspired. It also brought me to Friday at work. In short, as my promoted co-worker, now boss, said to me when I was going into worry mode, “You usually see the glass half-full. Why aren’t you seeing it now!?” I think I paused and maybe I said that I just wanted to make sure it wasn’t too much of a crunch. We moved on to review the work we had left to do before our final deadline on October 15. I looked up from my page and said, “Ok, how about this, in the interest of a glass-half full, I think we can get three out the door next week. How’s that?”

“There, that’s better, he said. I think we can do that.”

A sigh of relief.

So when I saw the Angel Words book, it resonated with me and made me want to focus on the positive and to see the positive all the way through in as many areas of my life as possible. I feel so much better when I’m upbeat and optimistic, and besides my tendency to worry, I am pretty much an upbeat person.

I didn’t buy the book, but I did take something from it. It’s always nice to have reminders to set us back on the right track.

*The title of this journal came from a typo: going for growing. Not sure why I didn’t say browsing. I thought it was fitting to keep it as is…

Books stare back at me from the shelves. A part of me wants to go through and donate the ones that I may not read and others that I have already read. They seem to sit there, collecting time, wanting more attention than they currently receive. Books that have a history in my life, reminders of bookstores that no longer exist––I’m afraid to let go.

There is no logical reason to let go of many of these books. They have a place on the shelf, but there are others that lay in the dark closet, out of view, because there is no room for them on the shelves meant for books. Part of me wants to keep these physical books because I fear that one day, they will become extinct and for many of these books, I may want to revisit or simply take one from the shelf and feel it in my hands, smell its pages, randomly open to any old place and start reading.

There may be one or two books I can part with, but then what’s the point of that. The bookshelves have become cluttered and the books in turn clutter my mind.

Perhaps what I really need to do is sit down and go through, shelf by shelf, book by book, and revisit each and every one of these old friends.


After moving a crooked stack of books blocking other books, I saw Creative Visualization by Shakti Gawain. A quote that begins the first chapter speaks to me today as I’m trying to carve a new road…

“Every moment of your life is infinitely creative
and the universe is endlessly bountiful.
Just put forth a clear enough request,
and everything your heart desires must come to you.”

–Shakti Gawain

Peace and Love~