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Gentle Spirit,
Sail and believeļ¹˜
remember the light.
Listen. Celebrate.

Confetti swirls
within your soul,
always. It lives on.

Go Gentle Spirit,
for now and then and then
and then
and again, Gentle Spirit.

Halloween and Fairy succulent creations at Sloat Garden Center

I don’t usually go out of the house in the early morning, but I think if I were to make a habit of it, my soul would appreciate it very much. We were out of milk on Saturday morning and I like having milk with my tea. I knew when I went to sleep the night before, that I would have to get out early, so that I would have some sustenance before my second online mid-term.

The morning greeted me with a cold bite to my nose and finger tips. I pulled out my iPhone to check the weather. It was 39 degrees, which for me, is cold. but the coldness woke me up in the most wonderful way, and as I kept my eyes on all the natural beauties around me, I felt such joy. The light was just right. It was still early enough that the earth was still. I could hear silence with just a faint hint that there were others starting their mornings early.

If not for being out of milk, I wouldn’t have caught this beautiful moment of Mt. Diablo draped in the morning light.

A few weeks ago, while hubby was driving us back from dinner, I rolled the window down and kept snapping photos of this gorgeous sunset. The beauty of iPhone photography is that is convenient and allows one to stare right into the sun and capture some beautiful photos. As I swiped through the many photos that I snapped, I hadn’t realized or seen the bird flying by, but my camera did.


All powerful Sun, you warm this great Earth,
not only with your energy, but with your beauty.
Your glow is ever present and shines down upon us.