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Trying to view the glass with all its possibilities and all that there is to be grateful for, yet there is a smal bug that needles, draining energy. A path lies strewn with debris, question marks, worries, doubt. A tattoo on the inside wrist of the bank teller said, “this too shall pass.” I’ve taken a book down, one that I haven’t visited in a very long time, one that I didn’t finish, but find myself drawn to because I’m trying to declutter: Clear Your Clutter with Feng Shui by Karen Kingston. 

A sunset, birds twittering, the cold air, gardeners planting flowers along the street flower pots, a smiling child…these things make me stop and breathe. Seeing a person without a home, sitting in the cold make me both sad and appreciative for what I have. The news on the television is hard to watch, so many unbelievable, negative acts. 

As I continue clearing out the clutter, I hope that my energy level increases and that I am releasing what needs to go, making room for-

For whatever the Univerese has in store. 

I feel like I’ve taken a long hibernation for which I cannot seem to wake up from. Migraines are a nuisance and when I have good days, I often find I want to sleep. I think it’s the things I’ve amassed. It’s time to let go of what has not been used, time to focus on the few important things. 

In light of my moods, I’m still managing to laugh and stay positive. Classes went well. They are over for now. 

I emptied a large hall closet before work one morning, just to force myself to address it that evening. It covered the whole bed. How did all this stuff fit in there? And do I need it all? Four digital cameras! Really, I must let go. A cute coconut purse, a novelty I couldn’t resist, but have never used. The TV show Hoarders plays in the background; my mother was a hoarder. I have the tendencies in my bones, but it’s nothing like my mom or the folks on those shoes. After watching one episode with a mother and son, I could no longer watch. It was too painful to see the sickness, the deterioration. They had a happy ending. It was exhausting to watch. 

I unloaded another three boxes of books. They’ll find new people to make happy. I will let others go. Little by little. Sometimes it’s hard, but very necessary. Certain books I take photos of so I won’t forget, so I can look them up again if I ever want to get in touch. I can rely on library books, which I love doing anyway. 

“It’s all good.”

I release myself to the Universe. 


Impulsive, explosive, fearless–
but, take heed; otherwise, you
will go too far down that lane.
Bursts of emotional fire will escape
before you can ring them back.

Find the balance.


I’ve been using the App: TimePassages. I was initially looking for a moon phase App, which I found: Luna Solaria. And when I saw that it included which sign the moon was in, it made me want to find an App that also provided a bit of interpretation and that’s how I came across TimePassages. It’s a great App and does so much more; for now I’m just sticking to the moon. I’ve been contemplating downloading the full version to have access to charts and transits. I have a program for my PC, but it’s on my main PC, which has become a bookshelf and dust collector, and the monitor is stored in the closet.

The moon only spends two days in each sign. I missed jotting about Pisces.

Yesterday, even after I read about the energy of the moon in Aries, I had one of those bursts…luckily, I managed to find my balance for the rest of the day.