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An autumn day gives way to the feeling of winter. In the air the scent of someone cozy next to a warm fire. 

I look out the window waiting for my lunch, taking in the orange and yellow leaves against a perfectly grey sky. 

Rain shall come soon to wash away the impurities, wipe the slate clean to begin anew. 


The page has been pulling at my sleeves,
with letters, words, sentences, but also with lines,
circles, and doodles. It’s a familiar feeling of wanting to draw something
to sketch my dreams and the images that form
from below the surface, yet as my cycle goes,
I have moments of glee and moments of frustration, disappointment.
It’s good for me, though; good to be challenged in a new way;
and when I surrender to the process, I feel something–

I see something speaking to me in a way that makes me want to know more.


Ink and watercolors