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Holiday music fills the kitchen;
doggies snuggle in their beds,
waiting for all to rise.

We try to take each day as it comes,
living each moment as best we can,
seeking the lessons—
the ‘gifts’ within the challenges presented.

In this moment…the air releases a fine mist,
wrapping me in a coolness that comforts.

Back inside, I sit here with my mother-in-law as she works her crossword, her TV show in the background. I look at the words on the page, watching the thoughts dribble out as I tap the letters on the screen.

Peace and Love to all, and may you have a Merry Christmas.


The day pushes down as I try to stay on top of the rainbow, ride the light until the day ends curled up with a cozy blanket and a good book.

  The moon is actually in Saggitarius at the moment, but it is in the 5th house, which is ruled by Leo. 

I came across this little snippet that I jotted down in my notebook. It captures the energy I feel flowing through my being, so when I looked to see where the signs are now, I was happy to see the 5th house connection and I always appreciate the carefree energy of Saggitarius!


Leo Moon

Creative juices fill my veins.
Will I lose them or lose them?
child-like activities feel right.
pull out the crayons, the glitter,
the stickers, and get to work!