Otto Radio is my new favorite App, and I can’t get enough. I was recently searching the App store for news Apps, so that I could stay up to date, since I haven’t been watching the news.

I found a few, but Otto has stolen my heart. It has a simple interface and I feel positive vibes each time I open the App to an upbeat greeting to my morning or evening.

Once you download the App, you select from a variety of interests and choose the timeframe, then Otto scours the web to find news clips, podcasts, and articles just for you. The news clippings are just quick summaries that are under 1 minute each, podcasts can range from 7 to 12 minutes and the articles, between 4 -7 minutes. These are rough numbers, but you get the idea. You can swipe through the articles that don’t interest you and can press a thumbs down or up to let Otto know what you like and don’t like.

As Otto evolves, as most new Apps go through changes, I hope it retains its simplicity, friendly tone, and quality content.

Awesome, free App!