Today is not actually a lazy day. Over the weekend, and even last week for a work break, I found myself buying books. I had been good for a while, mostly checking them out from the library, but it’s just difficult saying no to myself. I always buy with a bit of guilt. And then, I ask myself what’s wrong with me, when after the books come home with me, the initial excitement turns into something else. It becomes a sense of comfort that I now have this “book friend” that I’ve made a bond with and it will be there. I can glance over and read some of the pages in my imagination, and when I’m ready to engage in a lengthy conversation, then I’ll open the pages, sit a while, have a cup of tea.

I love how different pursuits, whether intentional or not, bring us to other perspectives or re-surface old curiosities, even if briefly or tentatively. My geology course brought me to a bargain book in Barnes & Noble: Healing Crystals and Gemstones, but also when I was in the metaphysical store, I overheard a woman asking for a stone to ward off bad energy and the person helping her was asking why she was exposing herself to this bad energy. It was a family thing, so she needed some help from a crystal that would aid her.

I also bought a writing prompt book, simply titled 300 Writing Prompts. I could write directly in the book. But today, I held the prompt in my mind when I set down to quickly jot something down, but got sidetracked, which is why I knew this would be a true morning page. The prompt is: What is your favorite way to spend a lazy day?

Knowing that I am running out of time, I’m trying to think of a quick answer. I think my ideal lazy days have changed, but not that much. I used to love spending my lazy days reading for hours. But lately, my reading ways have changed, mostly because the last time I allowed myself to read for a few hours straight, a book that I was thoroughly loving and speeding right through, taking in every word: The Fountain Head–-after I came up for air; it was morning time–I got a terrible migraine. I was so entranced in the story that I didn’t eat in time and my head was laid back on the pillow for too long. Anyway, since then, I have been timid about how long I spend reading, also because my eyes have been acting up. So, now I suppose my favorite way to spend a lazy day is to take it slow, reading little bits and pieces, writing, taking a car ride with hubby to somewhere. A lazy day is not cooking and doing everything at my own pace without rushing.