Impulsive, explosive, fearless–
but, take heed; otherwise, you
will go too far down that lane.
Bursts of emotional fire will escape
before you can ring them back.

Find the balance.


I’ve been using the App: TimePassages. I was initially looking for a moon phase App, which I found: Luna Solaria. And when I saw that it included which sign the moon was in, it made me want to find an App that also provided a bit of interpretation and that’s how I came across TimePassages. It’s a great App and does so much more; for now I’m just sticking to the moon. I’ve been contemplating downloading the full version to have access to charts and transits. I have a program for my PC, but it’s on my main PC, which has become a bookshelf and dust collector, and the monitor is stored in the closet.

The moon only spends two days in each sign. I missed jotting about Pisces.

Yesterday, even after I read about the energy of the moon in Aries, I had one of those bursts…luckily, I managed to find my balance for the rest of the day.