I’ve been writing the list in my head, part of it has gone on paper. What do I still need for the stuffing? I have the fresh Willie Bird in the refrigerator, one box of stuffing, garlic. I think I need another box of stuffing.

I volunteered to prepare the turkey and the stuffing this year. My mother-in-law said to give her the giblets and she’ll do the gravy. In my mind, the pan drippings are essential for the gravy, but she seems determined. I will still make a basic pan gravy, partially because I rarely make gravies, and partially because I can’t let those drippings go to waste.

This will be my first time ever cooking a turkey, at least I’m pretty sure. I have a vague memory that’s off very far in the distance, but I truly can’t recall if that was a turkey or a large chicken. I think that’s also why I roasted two small chickens a couple weeks back–to get some practice in. The part that makes me the most nervous is reading and trusting the thermometer.

I feel ready and confident. I’ve watched a video on chow.com, the woman at Macy’s gave me some tips when I was looking for roasting pans, and I’ve looked at a few other online recipes for ideas on the direction I’m going to go. To stuff or not to stuff? To brine or not to brine? I’m leaning toward stuffing, but no to brining.

I had lunch with a friend this past week. and she said she didn’t remember ever cooking a full turkey either. She’s in her 60’s, so I didn’t feel so bad not having done it myself.

This will be my first time making stuffing too. For that I have a partial recipe in my head from my grandmother. As it turns out, my mother-in-law’s mother made a similar stuffing, so it will be a melding of the two–in spirit and in love.

The grocery stores will probably be busy today. I was going to go late at night yesterday, but I thought one more day won’t hurt.

It will be an intimate Thanksgiving at hubby’s parents. There will be six of us plus Petunia and Lucas, the doggies.

Petunia has been the greatest gift. She puts a smile on all of our faces with her spunkiness. It’s hard to believe she’s only 6 months old. She loves rocks. She brings big ones into the house, and when you see the size of the rock, you wonder how she lugged such a thing inside. Lucas loves her too. They are dear hearts together. Such a happy union all the way around. I look forward to seeing her each time we visit.

Petunia and my mother-in-law have bonded perfectly. It seems that her moods have lightened, which is a blessing.

I will be visiting with my uncle and brother today. My uncle will be happy to see my brother.

There’s a lot I’m grateful for–the small things and the big. I’m happy to be here visiting on this wonderful earthly plane.

When I watch the news, it makes me wish there was more peace where there is violence and greed. I try to stay positive. I breathe. I think. I reflect. I wonder. It never entirely makes sense to me, and yet it has a sense of its own.

From my little corner, I send positive energy to the world…and I hope that those that need a warm meal, shelter, or a genuine smile, receive it today, tomorrow, and always.