It’s time for a change. In this case: A hair change. It’s a good start.

Having grown my hair out for a couple of years now, it’s down to the middle of my back.

I’ve had my hair in a variety of lengths and styles over the years, from short pixie hair to hair down past my butt in my childhood. My hair is taking much too long to blow dry these crisp mornings, and I’m getting tangled up in it at night. I’m experiencing more static cling which leads to fine long hairs start sticking out and itching my face.

I’m not my hair, but hair has a way of making you feel like it’s all of you—like it defines who you are—at least on a superficial level. I love the convenience of the pixie cut, but it’s really not the most flattering cut on me, unless I spend too much time with product and not feeling much like myself, which is an au natural, no fuss, sort of a person.

The search has narrowed. What I want is a long bob. I’ve searched the internet for pictures, and the one that I like the most is a bob cut worn by Sandra Bullock when she had shorter hair. I find that a picture is a good place to start when speaking to a hair stylist. I could tell them, describe what I want, even sketch a picture, but an actual photo, whether it will work or not, is often the best start. And I can’t always rely on their style books to have the right picture.

Hair isn’t everything, but whenever I sit down in the chair, I get nervous. I know my hair will grow back, but it’s such a pain when you get a bad haircut, and possibly have to go back to another person to fix what the first person did.