Tonight on our way home from dinner, we stopped at Target because hubby needed to get something. I didn’t need anything, so I moseyed on over to the books–just looking. I was about to turn toward the picture books just for fun to see what’s out there and what I saw filled me with such a tender feeling.

Little girl, three or four
with daddy
sitting on the
bottom shelf of
the children’s section,
both reading their own books.
She turns a page, engrossed.
Daddy switches from reading on his iPad to
taking a photo of his darling little girl reading her book,
then both
side by side again.


This made me think of another precious moment that I witnessed back in May. I was walking past the park on a lunch break and I saw a little girl with beautiful dark chocolate skin. She was with her father and younger brother. She was running, and as she ran her braids swung back and forth. I watched as she chased the yellow butterfly, running and running and giggling–a part of me was running along by her side. That was the highlight of that May day.