It’s morning time. Haven’t written too much, been letting the days slip by unrecorded. That can be a good thing sometimes, taking a break from being the observer and getting into the middle of the moment, sinking right in and not worrying about capturing it; instead allowing it to run…to happen.

The observer doesn’t go away, but the recorder, now that one takes breaks. Sometimes there are so many small moments that they spill out into the air flying up and away.

I can hear the trucks in the distance along with a muffled bang bang… Construction underway. I hear the hush of the morning, my husband breathing, the birds chirping off in the distance; I hear the day yawning, rubbing its great blue eyes awake.

I lie here in the dark, light gently peeking through the gaps in the blinds as I tap out the morning on this small wonder of technology, holding it in the palm of my hand as I greet the day.