My head has been filled with numbers, numbers, numbers. I knew this class would be demanding. What I didn’t expect was for my other class to be just as much work. I have had one slight stress blow up so far with my significant other, but bless his heart, he knows me well, understands, and goes with it. I turned into a nag a few days, which I detest. I don’t like hearing the nag in me. I remember it well from my mother. I also realize that from my older brother, I may have just picked up his perfectionist ways, his need to have things in their right place; on the flip side, I also have tendencies to be sloppy and collect piles of stuff–a clutter bug–or as my signifiant said to me when we were moving, “you’re a hoarder! Look at all this stuff.” I told him that of course I’m not a hoarder. I mostly have books, even if I don’t read them all and look, I need all of these little mementos. Each and every book stays for now. They can have a home inside these boxes in the garage. I will only bring a few into the house. Don’t worry…I will keep the clutter under control. If he only saw my mother’s home when I was growing up. Now, she was a hoarder, but I like to refer to her as a person who needed her clutter. The sickness is in my blood. I never really had a room of my own until she passed and I never knew which bed I would be sleeping in, always shared with her. She had to take clothes and whatever was piled on any given bed and move it to another spot, so that we could have a place to sleep. Why all this is coming out now, I do not know. I needed to come to the page, take a break from accounting.

I did go the the last GIANTS baseball game on Sunday. It was awesome. They won and it was a great game. We also went to a local street fair last weekend, so I’m am taking my nose out of the text books, but have not had enough time to read books for pleasure. I feel guilty and also I don’t want to fall behind and deviate from the class work. I’m struggling to understand the material enough to keep moving forward. I’m actually doing much better than I thought I would (knock-on-wood). I have to look back a lot, but other concepts I feel that I understand, even though I will probably never use most of this information.

And so…that’s that. I bought the small slate vase in the photo at the fair. I love the style and the naturalness of the vessel. Only thing is, I have to put water in it two times a day, since the space is so small.