The house is still, as I like it.
Crow caws outside trying to get someone’s attention.
There’s a faint breeze outside that I can hear ever so softly.
We have a full day planned; I wonder what surprises will sneak through.
I love the breeze, the wind, how all the trees and flowers dance and sway.
Yesterday, I noticed that the sky was different, the light is changing.
Fall is swiftly pushing itself through Mother Nature’s doors. Right now the
flowers on the table are the brightest yellow miniature carnations with a
few deep colored carnations left over from the last batch. They are the
perkiest yet. I take my last sip of coffee as I surrender into the day.


First class brought me back face-to-face with how little I like to speak up in class. I mean, I was actually the second to volunteer to speak from the group. I spoke. The teacher asked me to speak Louder. I stood on my toes and spoke again. Later I laughed at myself, as though my lifting myself on my toes would help. I just don’t like hearing my voice project louder than at a conversational level. It sounds too loud.

I emailed my co-worker a couple of weeks ago at work. Occasionally, we exchange emails about random things. I was in an upbeat mood, and amongst other things I said or asked of him, I wrote him that it’s so much easier to be LOUD on the page. His response was that he didn’t understand what I was saying. I took for granted that he would understand, so I wrote him back what I meant and he said, yep, he knew what I meant and sometimes he felt that way too.


I visited my boxes of books in the garage yesterday. I was actually in search of the Pessoa book and I was happy to find it, after lifting the lids of a few boxes, I found it in a box labeled some philosophy and misc. fiction. I also lifted the lid with astrology that I thought I had stashed my Tarot books. I took the Tarot books and box of cards into the house, and I also took a painting that did years ago. It is small and as I recall it started out as a flower but ended up being an exploration in color and texture. It’s now hanging in our bathroom and it bursts with subdued color.