Feeling playful…Friday, September 13, 2013. Double 13 day!

Last night I couldn’t sleep. Thoughts
swirled around–this is how is started: stuck, stuck, stuck.
And this morning, this is how it finished.


Stuck, stuck, stuck
in a rut, a self-imposed
writing rut
reading is dry,
been distracted
thoughts pushed aside,
reading pushed aside,
writing in my head,
in bits and scraps
in between
something fully formed
comes flowing out.

Not always the case; can’t
always be in the flow; otherwise,
I’ll be late to work, stop cooking,
cleaning, eating–
gets pushed
to the back, to the way back.

accepting responsibility;
small rude awakening at work
cut into “my time.” Flexibility became a little
too loose.

My juices start to flow when it’s time to go.

Readjust, readjust, readjust…

Find a new rhythm, embrace it all–
the PAUSE will become a big GO!


No STOPping me now.

That’s a wrap.