Been on a whirlwind
since the Fourth of July.
Searched neighborhoods for apartments, responded to endless ads–some too good to be true. We moved on, regrouped. Started again.

Appointment after appointment, none that we were inspired to call home, except for one that was not available, but there were possibilities in the near future; we were put on a waiting list.

Scanning and scanning, I saw one, passed it over in exhaustion. M asked me the next morning if I saw a certain one–the one I had looked at but for some reason hadn’t pursued. I looked again. Should we call? It couldn’t hurt. And so we made yet another appointment.

There were several others viewing the apartment. As we walked through, it felt good, like a place we could call home. We were both in agreement.

Throughout our search, we had taken applications; though this would be the first we submitted. Talk about putting one big egg in a single basket, rather than spreading the eggs around.

We asked lots of questions, walked through the space once, twice, three times, maybe even a fourth. Opened cupboard doors, closet doors, trying to imagine where things would go if this were our new home.

We submitted our application that night and waited to hear if we were approved and selected.

One and a half days later, we, along with a few other applicants were in the running. We were the strongest so far…just a little bit longer until she checked a few things out.

I wore one of my lucky necklaces that day.

The decision came, and I’m happy to say that we now have a new place to call home. Soon we will move in. It’s been a draining process. I’ve already started packing and am overwhelmed with how many boxes of books there are. I feel guilty. The move would be much easier without the books. I couldn’t part with any this time. I’ll take them all along.

Change is scary and exciting. So many unknowns. But change is good. I’m looking forward to our fresh start together–our new adventure.