This morning I wanted to post a small something, but I was having technical difficulties and ran out of time.

Yesterday I began spring cleaning and I still want to type up my “A-ha” moment in greater detail in the coming days.

In the meantime, I figured out a work-a-round for sideways photos, which is one of my mini “A-ha’s”. I can’t believe it took me so long! When I take photos with my i Pod Touch and try to use them on my RR blog that I create from my i Pad, they seem to appear sideways. Usually, I decide not to post the photo, unless I really want it as part of the blog. And if I really want to include the photo, then I have to power up my non-Apple laptop, email the photo to myself, save it to the laptop, and post from there.

I actually tried to post a photo this morning and got caught up with other technical glitches and decided against the whole thing.

So, tonight, as I wondered why my pictures turn sideways, my Doodle Buddy app entered my stream of thought; I then remembered that I can choose a photo as the background. I thought to myself: If I select one of the photos that usually appears sideways as a background and save it to my camera roll, when I try to upload it, will it appear right side up. I tried it and voila: success! I was so excited to have discovered a solution to this rather annoying little problem.

The photo I’m sharing here is really nothing special, but it’s one of the items, I found down at the bottom of a small wicker basket that contained old receipts, a movie stub, loose change, other odds and ends, and one of my cameras.

I use to have a bad habit of writing reminders on my hand. I think I may have stopped about a year or so ago. Now I use post-its and tape them to my bag. In this photo is an idea I came up with when I had too many reminders that I didn’t want to write on my hand. I usually jot these things down at work, so I took a few hair rubber bands to work to tape a post-it note to once I had completed my list. I would then wear it around my wrist to be sure I didn’t forget what it was I wanted to do on any given day. And those are the three that I found. I had completely forgot that I had even done that. You just never know what you’re going to come across when you begin Spring cleaning!

The other thing that I came across was an e-book that I purchased after taking a colors personality test online by Carolyn Kalil some years ago. I always like different perspectives and revisiting information. I’ve decided to flip through it again to see how things are aligning at the moment in the direction that I’m headed. It’s not that it’s revealing anything I don’t know, and, of course there are a few things that I don’t agree with. It does, however, affirm a few things that I already know about myself through self-reflection and trial and error.

Here’s the website if anyone is curious or interested. You can take a quick quiz for free, get a short summary of your results, and then decide if you’d like to purchase any of her e-books for more detailed information.

That’s it for now.

Sweet dreams…or good morning…depending on where you are.

: )