An abundance of thoughts are rushing through me, thoughts that I’ve collected over the weeks, some I’ve written in my notebooks and devices, some I’ve yet to pen. I started out this morning with a larger block of time. I ran into technical glitches with my Apple keyboard. I had synched it with the iPod Touch and forgot that you have to stop one to use the other and re-synch. I remained patient, knowing that I wanted to post to my trusty blog. Sometimes I start out knowing where I’m going and other times I just follow along and see where the pen leads me. I like it best that way. Writing has long been an act of discovery for me and so much more. It’s like a love affair that won’t stop, even if I feel like sometimes it has.

Two days ago the highlight of my afternoon–the highlight of the whole day–was walking back from the doctor’s office for a routine check up. I have to admit, I don’t like going to see doctors, but I had a couple of things to ask. This was the first time I met with this doctor. She recommended I get a mammogram soon. I told her I’d think about it. She asked if I wanted a vaccination and when was the last time. I gave her a look, that gave her my answer, before I said no thank you. She then got my vibe. I wasn’t unfriendly. I just don’t like hospitals and doctor’s offices.

But back to my day. I was walking, and when I passed the sidewalk that overlooks a creek, something caught my eye. Well, actually, I think first the familiar honk caught my ear. I looked and I saw a Canadian Goose with its mate and a handful of goslings. Oh my goodness, what a special day! I stood there hanging over the railing, the wind blowing gently on this warm day. They were coming toward me, swimming along. They came closer until they were right under my nose. The papa goose got his wings wet and swooshed them back and forth, allowing the water to drip down. The goslings, kicked their little webbed feet. It warmed my heart. I could see under the brownish, but clear water. The mama duck was sure to keep her goslings in place, nudging them when needed. The father stayed at the back. Then the mama looked to her children and ducked under the water, once, twice; then one gosling imitated her, then another, until all of them were ducking under, following mama’s example. It was a priceless moment. I could have stayed there all day watching them swim around and learn from their parents the ways of the land. They reached the point where they would go under the pass and come out on the other side of the creek. I took in once last glimpse as the last baby swam under and away.