Yesterday was a good day. I felt that I was cleansed of…don’t know where that thought’s gone.

Today’s a new day.

But yesterday keeps reminding me…it was one of those days where your writing in your head and the words are streaming out like a kaleidoscope–turning round and round, seeing so many fragments of beauty, spinning and spinning, but you can’t stop and then you pull into the parking garage and you’re hoping your paying enough attention to the road because you keep turing those words around, trying not to lose them. It’s like panning for gold, so many thoughts, which one’s to keep, which one’s to let go, back into the stream of consciousness. Sometimes there are so many fragments, that you become overwhelmed and you realize that if you sit down, time will click on by–you’d love to sit there and pound it all out, but then it will be time to go to work–sooner than you hoped–because when you’re writing, your in your bliss and sometimes you don’t want to start because you may not have time to finish and refine and get it right, hear it right.


Like a painter, sometimes I paint the same mountain with words. Over and over, looking for the truth of that moment, and this too with memories, nature, whatever may be at my fingertips and within the day’s beauties. Sometimes I keep painting the same images over and over as they reveal sides of myself that I may not have noticed before. I take the diamond polish it, hold it up to the light, keep working it, knowing that I must continue, even when it feels like I’ve said all before.


I observed a teacher in a preschool setting last week and have a paper due about the experience as it relates to the qualities of the social/emotional environment for children. I waited until the day of to finish. But I’ve been writing it in my head since that day, knowing that I wasn’t procrastinating, rather my thoughts were percolating. I feel good about it. It’s done. On to a new day.

There has been some crazy news related to childcare in the past week. Shocking. In one instance a caregiver tied up a two year old because the child wouldn’t take a nap. She later showed the photos to her colleagues. One of the colleagues happened to be the child’s mother. I have trouble wrapping my head around this. How/Why does this happen? The other incident involves a caregiver that put sleeping pills in the children’s sippy cups–or along those lines. Unbelievable.


It’s not officially spring yet, but I think it’s supposed to reach 80 degrees over here in sunny California. Yikes! I’m not sure I’m ready for the heat.
Happy Thursday!