I’ve always appreciated that we each learn at our own pace; we each have our own timing, our own style of learning and taking in information and interacting with the world.

I’ve wondered if I could be considered a late bloomer, but in some ways I’m still blooming and I think I might be past that late blooming point. I imagine that I will continue to open and close, and I will be a beautiful wild flower–I must tell myself that–because I don’t quite see myself as reaching a state of being in full bloom. I don’t necessarily see that as a negative, but I’m aware of it when I see how my quiet, introverted nature, will always be in a state of quiet bloom.

I doodled this flower on January 20, 2013 in my miniature notebook. I came across it recently and it seemed to strike a cord in me. Looking at it now, it has a playful optimism about it and it reminds me to remember to keep remembering to accept myself as I am and to love myself and to know that we each have a role on this earth; for some, the message is loud and clear; and for others, it’s subtle.