So nice to look back at the remnants of words that I have left behind, to see that certain day’s words spilled over, a cup that could not contain itself, unhindered and unafraid to pour forth emotions and thoughts.

It helps to see this, as I experience more frequent moments of drizzling rather than a good hard pour of rain. It pokes me in the side as if to say, it’s time to go back. It’s time to see what’s there that you left in a dark drawer, hidden away; it’s time to go back and polish those stones, to see if they will glisten back to you , and then place them lovingly so that they can be seen and found, so that you can look at them without rummaging through that which is mere fodder for the stones.

Do it for yourself because you need to see your words, from out of the dark, and sometimes you can’t keep up, and then when time passes, you move on, you forget, but you must find the stones that are deserving of your gentle, understanding, patient touch–you must polish them, hold them, and release them into the open like the butterfly that lives inside of you.