A few weeks back, I had been in search of a one pot meal that was somewhat healthy, simple, tasty, and did not take all day long to cook. I came across this chicken and rice recipe and it has become one of our favorites. From reading the comments, this is not a true Puerto Rican dish as it claims to be, but delicious it is and full of flavor.

The first time I made this dish and the other two times so far, I omitted the pimentos and increased the number of pimiento-stuffed green olives. I used regular paprika because I did not see sweet paprika in the store. I used Anaheim chiles instead of poblano. The recipe makes a lot, so unless I want a heaping of leftovers, I make half the recipe.


When I prepared this recipe, I was transported to my grandmother’s kitchen because of the oregano. I hadn’t realized how distinct this humble herb is. She didn’t use many spices in her dishes, mostly salt and pepper, and oregano.

My memory of oregano lies is in my grandmother’s sopa de albondigas (meatball soup). This was one of my favorite comfort foods. I hope to find a familiar recipe and prepare it soon.