Dec 2012

Never let go the reins of the wild colt of the heart
—Buddhist Saying

Bundled up on a winter’s night, off we went in search of a pair of winter boots to sustain the snow, for soon we will experience our first snow trip together.

We passed one of my favorite sculptures in the shopping plaza. I didn’t have my camera and asked my significant other if he could take a photo with his phone. After he took a few shots, I walked up to the dancer, offered my hand, looked into his deep eyes, and then turned to the camera.

I thanked my Love and planted a kiss on his lips.

As I—we—dance into 2013, and as God wills, into the years, I will hold onto those reins—I will feel the flutter of my heart for the experiences—great and small—of this magical adventure called life.

Sending many positive wishes and blessings many times over.